Bathroom Mirror Project

The images above are from a time-based project I completed in the fall of 2019. The goal of this project was to design something that the community could interact with. For my project, I created a poster that asked girls who lived on my dorm floor to leave a kind message for someone else. It could be specific or just a general positive message. It is worth noting that this experiment took place in the weeks leading up to finals week. I placed a few of these posters along the mirror/ sink counter along with sticky notes and pens. I planned for this experiment to last a week and I would document the progress each day. I was honestly very surprised by the results of this experiment. While I told the girls not to write mean or rude messages, that doesn’t always stop someone from doing just that. However, not one mean comment was posted on the mirror. It was a great experience to do this project because everyone left such kind and uplifting messages. Girls can be stereotyped as gossiping or clique-y, but this really showed how much women can and will support women.