Carly’s Bakery: Brand Identity

This project took place over an 8-week period and the concept was to develop print materials for a B-Corporation of our own design. For context, a B-Corporation is simply a business for good. B-Corps have to meet specific guidelines set up and monitored by B-Lab. These business must prioritize the social good, environmental well-being, accountability, and transparency just as much as profit.

First, I developed the idea for the B-Corporation. I chose to brand a bakery which served bread as well as offered a safe space for those who need mental health resources or are seeking more information about the process. The goal was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that removed some of the pressure and stigma surrounding mental health care.

I developed a logo, brand tagline, color palette, mascot, and typography as well as a menu and stickers as print material for this bakery. The brand’s personality is homey and warm so for colors I chose a range of browns, yellows, and pinks. I also chose typefaces with rounded and soft features to emphasize the brand personality. In addition to this I developed a character, or mascot, for the brand which is a piece of toast. This mascot would be used in marketing the mental health aspect of the bakery and serves to make the process more casual rather than intimidating. I loved getting to work on this project as I hadn’t had much experience in branding before, so this was a great way to dive into that and learn more about the business side of design as well.