Cocktails 101

I designed this book on my own time, not as a project for a class or job. I created this booklet with the intention to help my friends and I discover more cocktails to try without having to do research every single time. With this booklet you can sit down and go to the section with drinks composed with that main liquor and see all the ingredients as well as how it is made. This allows us to even try to make these at home and easily know what ingredients we need, again without all the research. Even though I created this for only my friends and I, I still wanted it the book to have a classy and professional feel. I added lots of pops of color to make the book interesting as well as provided a line drawing on each page that details glassware and garnishes. I wanted to make sure that the book felt cohesive, so I spent time picking out fonts, colors, and making images to put on each page.

Mood board

Final Design

I drew my inspiration for the cover from my four best friends in college. They taught me so much about myself and about life, and I loved growing as a person alongside them. Since these people are so special to me and because they were the inspiration behind the content of the book, I wanted to honor each of them on my cover in some way. So, across the entire spread of the cover there are 5 drinks and each one represents a person within the friend group. I chose the drink to represent them based off of their favorite cocktails while in college. The drink you see on the cover where the author name is placed represents my favorite drink.

In total, I designed 160 pages for this book. Below you can find examples of some of the spreads, chapter openers, and front matter I designed.